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As per studies, YOW WINNER PRIZE virus is detected as an adware program. It is spread along network via opening Spam mail, installing third party software, sharing peer to peer file and via several other ways. YOW WINNER PRIZE virus has been infected millions of Windows system like millennium, Vista, XP and etc. it is highly beneficial for hacker from commercial point of view. Adware program provides a platform to hacker for making advertisement of their illegitimate or dubious product. In addition, it collect browsing detail of user such Cookies, IP addresses, bank account information and relocate it to third party.

Once after propagating inside, YOW WINNER PRIZE virus execute nonstop pop-ups, irritating ads and commercial advertisements onto browser which makes the activities of user highly irritating and troublesome. Further, it will modify default homepage setting of browser and going to redirect browsing result of user onto suspicious link which leads to generating of additional sales lead or more trafficking. The interesting point about this potentially unwanted program is that it fall inside computer without coming into user’s mind.

Further, YOW WINNER PRIZE virus change all important functionalities of system as well as browser including registries entries, Internet firewall, background and ruin the overall performance of system. Further, to run its dangerous consequences for long time inside computer, this highly lucid program going to update itself within a regular interval of time. In no time, it infect system with number of evils like Key loggers, malware, redirect virus and damage the overall efficiency of system. Hence it is suggested to delete YOW WINNER PRIZE virus from compromised Windows system without wasting any more time.


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